Sandwich Roof & Wall Panels

An innovative solution for walling and roofing giving added insulation properties along with Engineering Strength in building and construction. Made on state-of-the-art plant and of superior in quality. Great energy saver and hence indispensable in air-conditioned, cooled and heated buildings. Versatile and suitable for all types of built environment starting from residential blocks to offices, warehouses, commercial complexes, site offices, telecom shelters, etc.. Cost effective and bring down life cycle cost for any built environment. Virtually zero maintenance throughout its usage life.

Unique Features:

• Structurally strong with fantastic insulation.
• Light weight and easy to install.
• Reduce steel framework and load bearing foundation considerably.
• Superior and proprietary tongue and groove system, hence leak proof and easy to fix.
• Available in customized length as per requirement to reduce number of joints and installation cost.
• Facing made of top quality metallic colour coated sheets and guaranteed for long life.
• Varieties of finishes available to match aesthetic needs.
• Much thinner than traditional walls and increase floor space.

Sintex Insulated Roofing is made with high quality colour coated steel sheets or Galvalume sheets of superior quality that are corrosion resistant for many decades.


• Specially designed crown overlapping for 100% leak-proof construction
• Greater strength as compared to simple roofing that will increase purlin spacing and bring down the cost of frame for installation
• Lightweight and extremely easy to install
• Long life due to special colour coated sheets of superior quality
• 100% maintenance-free
• Aesthetically designed
• Sound insulation because of sandwich PU foam
• Enhanced comfort level and hence, useful for all types of constructions

Upper Skin: 0.35 mm TCT / 0.45 mm TCT / 0.5 mm TCT / 0.6mm TCT
Lower Skin: 0.35 mm TCT / 0.45 mm TCT / 0.5 mm TCT / 0.6 mm TCT
Sandwich PU Foam Insulation: 40 Kg perm3 +/-2 Kgs
Standard Cover Width: 1 meter
Standard Length: 2.5 meter / 3 meter / 4 meter / 5 meter / 6 meter
Standard Colours: Capri blue/terra cotta/appliance white
Standard total thickness of colour coated Galvalume sheets is 0.45 mm.