Polycarbonate Sheets

Solid & Textured Polycarbonate Sheets:

Tuflite™ Solid Polycarbonate sheets can withstand extremities of weather. It could be scorching summers, torrential rains or sub-zero winters. Solid Sheets combine a unique combination of features such as, high impact strength, transparency, lightweight, flexibility and durability. It also possesses thermal and chemical resistance – allowing for a wide range of applications in the modern world.
Solid Sheets are virtually unbreakable. They possess exceptional impact resistance as they are manufactured from high quality polycarbonate resin. They have 250 times the impact strength of glass and up to 40 times that of acrylic (PMMA) sheets of similar thicknesses.

Clear Solid Sheets are as transparent as glass and have a light transmission of 90%. Due to their relative lightweight and high impact strength, they are convenient to store, handle and install. Conventional tools can be used to cut, trim or drill holes in the sheets.

These Sheets are also available in an embossed texture that gives the appearance of frosted glass. These are lightweight, have good weather resistance and are widely used for indoor as well as outdoor projects.

We also cater to specific applications that require abrasion resistant polycarbonate sheets for security, as well as advertising areas that require diffused light with our LED solid sheets.

Twin Wall / Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet:

TufliteTM Multiwall sheets are the most versatile polycarbonate sheets in the market. The glazing system provides outstanding flexibility in design, advanced heat reflection and light transmitting performance. Multiwall sheets are manufactured from high quality polycarbonate resin that ensures high impact strength, clarity and excellent transparency, and are 16% the weight of standard glass and 34% the weight of acrylic sheets, which makes them easy to carry.

Due to its unique structure and design Multiwall sheets can be very light and can go from twin wall to 5 walled structures ensuring its lightness and improving its thermal insulation depending upon the applications.

These sheets tolerate extreme outdoor weather conditions, while retaining its normal mechanical properties at temperatures ranging from -40 C to +120 C, making it perfect for use in any kind of weather. They are flame resistant, making it suitable for use in areas prone to fire. These sheets do not release toxic fumes, and hence pose no threat to human life in case of fire.

With a wide range of options in terms of clear as well as diffused light, TufliteTM Multiwall sheets can provide a maximum of 80 % and minimum of 25% light transmission. They allow light to enter, at a significantly lower heat transmission level, to ensure optimum illumination with maximum comfort. Excellent thermal insulation from the sheets results in phenomenal energy efficiency and savings in terms of primary capital and running costs of air conditioning and heating.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet:

Solar energy is probably the most flexible and infinite energy source that has been, and will provide astounding benefits to mankind. Conventional sources such as petroleum and hydro power are gradually plummeting down in quantity and thus we need competent alternatives that can decrease the consumption of energy as well as protect the environment.

Tuflite corrugated roofing sheets embody superior performance with exemplary impact resistivity. These sheets are available in a range of choices for light transmission and possess fire resistant properties.

These sheets are deemed fit for commercial establishments, industrial applications, residential areas and warehouses. The profiled sheets from Tuflite are manufactured with precise specifications to find an apt use in industrial roof illumination and daylight cladding. The use of Corrugated sheets is greatly beneficial in enhancing daylight harvesting. The increasing concern for environmental issues validate the use of such non-conventional products that can deliver results in terms of energy saving through daylight harvesting.

Corrugated roofing solutions from Tuflite can proudly claim to possess prolific features such as:
1. Resistance to extreme temperature.
2. Maintaining optical properties for longer periods of time.
3. Facilitating better insulation from heat and cold, than glass sheets

Architectural Roofing Systems:

Multiwall Polycarbonate systems facilitated by Tuflite™ Polymers implement a patented architectural system that imparts levels of sophistication to the product. The panels have a multi-cell structure that implements distinct joining profiles. The joining systems can either be bottom connectors made of steel or polycarbonate connectors on the top. The structure of these sheets makes them, apt glazing systems for facades and roofing solutions. If we move further into the nascent aspects of the design of multiwall sheets, we find a lightweight, flexible product with a uniform surface. The structural design of polycarbonate sheets equips them with the strength to endure snow loads, heavy gusts of wind and makes them completely watertight.

Our Architectural systems are coupled with remarkably crafted polycarbonate or steel connectors. The steel connectors ensure a firm adhesive between the panels. This prevents any probability of water leakage. It also supports the structure. You can conveniently implement these polycarbonate sheets for designing the perfect translucent roof for any contemporary building. Since these panels are extracted from polycarbonates of the finest grades, they are outstanding at thermal insulation and light transmission.

Varied designs of side channels made from aluminum and polycarbonate end caps seal off the entire design with ease, thus making them devoid of any fastenings or holes. The polycarbonate sheets from Tuflite™ are infused with superior grade polycarbonate material, and a UV resistant veneer during manufacture to deliver safety from the adverse weather conditions such as rain, snowfall, wind pressure and storms.